Halloween BOO Baskets for a Cause 👻

My daughter's love of Halloween inspired us to create *Special Edition* Halloween BOO Baskets for a Cause 👻 sourced from small and mom-owned brands, in honor of our mission to give every family something to celebrate.

Designed for kids ages 3-8

COVID Safety: We are adhering to social distancing practices and packing orders with care.

Starlight Children's Foundation

four year old Henry, battling leukemia, being cheered up by Starlight

We're thrilled to be working with our non-profit partner, Starlight Children's Foundation, to deliver happiness to seriously ill children and their families this holiday. 💖

Learn more about how we're giving back this holiday!


What's Inside?

Trick-or-Treat Bag

Our high-quality felt bags come in either the bat or pumpkin style and were sourced from Paper Source, a woman-owned celebration company. 

Little Supply's 2021 Bat & Pumpkin Halloween Trick-or-Treat felt baskets

Your felt bag may arrive with some creases. To smooth, we recommend using an iron on the wool setting (low) and a damp washcloth between your felt and the iron. The steam will do most of the work and help you to avoid damaging your felt.

Boo Straw

Reusable plastic straw twisted into the word 'boo'.  

I bought a $2 ghost-shaped cup from Walmart, swapped out the black straw for the boo straw, and added some festive ribbon. It turned out darling!

Magic Water Painting Book

Our magic water painting books came from Ashton with Usborne in Tampa and are fun for the whole family!

Before painting the pages with water, be sure to use the flap in the back of the book to put under the page you want to color to keep the water from bleeding through to the next page. You can also tear out the page and place on a painting tray.

Fidget Popper

A food-grade silicone fidget popper in either bat or pumpkin from mom-owned Gracie Roze

Surprise bonus: our pumpkin fidget poppers are also glow-in-the-dark!

We appreciate multi-purpose items we can use in a variety of ways. The fidget popper is a great example—it’s a toy, an anxiety stress reliever, and a food-grade silicone mold. We recommend using your fidget popper to make Fidget Popper Frozen Bark from either chocolate or yogurt. My daughter gobbled up the frozen pumpkin yogurt with blueberries I made in her fidget popper bat and keeps asking for more "bat yogurt"! 🦇 

Fidget Popper Frozen Yogurt Bark in a bat-shaped fidget popper

Skeleton Socks

Glow-in-the-dark creepy cute socks ethically made by Pals Socks.  

Paper Coloring Placemat

Donated by mom-owned Tiny Expressions based in Dallas, Texas.

Fun Fall Bucket List

A list of all the best fall activities, designed by Eloise and James Studio. How many can you check off!?

Mini Boo Kits

Little Supply's Mini Halloween Boo Kits

Every basket comes with three mini BOO Kits—one to enjoy and two to gift! Each mini kit contains a pair of glow stick glasses, Halloween stickers, glow-in-the-dark tattoos, a You've Been Booed card and instructions.

We've also included 2 extra glow stick connectors to make bracelets or a necklace instead!

If your little's head is too small for the glasses to fit comfortably, you can tie ribbon on the temple tips (ends) of the glasses and then around the back of their head. 

As for gifting the BOO kits, you can keep it simple and gift as-is or add additional treats! We recommend:

  • sweet treats
  • playdough or slime
  • pencils, pens, crayons or markers
  • coloring books or activity pads
  • bubbles
  • vampire teeth
  • beverages

Mini piñata

The first 100 baskets ordered include an adorable sugar skull mini piñata!

The manufacturer lost half of their inventory after hurricane Ida flooded their New Jersey warehouse, so we bought all they had!

Mini piñatas can be stuffed with anything that you can fit inside. Fill them up with candy, treats, small gifts, and more. They're even great to make as a fun way to deliver a little note!